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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Snyod

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Crown of Glory Building Project

COG is planning on building a brand new facility on property for an early childcare center. Click here to see the details!

Crown Of Glory Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship Service at 9:30 am
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Family Bible Hour at 11:00am each Sunday

Matthew Bible Study on Monday's at 6:00pm

(May 19th through May 25th)

He Moves Me... from Selfishness to Selfless Love

The Scriptures speak of an ugly selfishness that will take over the hearts of people in the last days. We see it in and around us, don’t we? Someone from outside our country and culture made the statement, “Americans are so self-centered.”  Join us this Sunday and see how our risen Savior moves us from selfishness to selfless love.

In case you missed it...


Sunday, May 19
9:30am  Worship 
11am     Sunday School
              Bible Study (King David: The Musical) 

Scripture Lessons

1 Samuel 20:12-17 

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

John 13:31-35 

Serving this Sunday
Usher - Stilling & Seifert
Clean - Berthoff
Greet - Danielle

Sunday Bible Study


On Sunday, June 2, a brief congregational meeting will be held immediately after the service to approve Pastor Bitter's "housing allowance" for 2019.  This is an IRS requirement normally approved before the beginning of the calendar year, but also needing approval when a new pastor begins his service at a congregation. 

Crown of Glory Calendar

Monday, May 20

12pm     Bible Information Class

6pm       Matthew Bible Study

Tuesday, May 21

11am     Nursing Home Bible study

Wednesday, May 22

1pm        Member visit

6pm        Member visit

Thursday, May 23

5pm        Member visit

Saturday, May 25

10am      Member visit

The installation service for Pastor Bitter from March 31st, 2019