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UPDATE! Crown of Glory Orlando is now LiveStreaming our worship services on Facebook Live each Sunday morning starting at 9:30am EST. The services are also posted to the Facebook page after the live stream in case you cannot tune in. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Praise be to God for the technology to be able to bring more people the Gospel.


(January 14th through January 20th)

When a man and woman decide to get married, it's usually the man who makes the first move.  When a believer comes to Jesus, it's always Jesus who makes the first move.  We don't find God.  God finds us. "Lord, 'tis not that I did choose Thee, that I know could never be.  For this heart would still refuse Thee, had Thy grace not chosen me" (Christian Worship, #380). Please join us this Sunday!
1 Samuel 3:1-10   In the middle of the night the Lord calls Samuel to be his prophet. 
2 Thessalonians 2:13-17  God in his love chose us and called us to be his own. 
John 1:43-51  Jesus calls Philip and Nathaniel to be his followers. 

Ushers - Tyler Berthoff, Joe Weller
Holy Communion - Earl Noffsinger
Greeters - Emma Berthoff, Gloria Weller
Cleaning - Blair and Joy Schlender

The children will hear about "Ruth Follows Naomi," and how believers in Jesus love to be with other believers.  In Catechism we'll discuss "The Ten Commandments," God's powerful mirror that shows our need for a Savior and his clear guide on how to thank our Savior.  Adults will talk about a "Great Chapter of the Bible," that portrays our Savior in all his love for us.   Every word of the Bible was given so that we may believe in  Jesus and have life in his name.  Come and see!

The Open Community Meeting went well, with no protesting voices.  The next Public Meeting will be February 1 at 1 pm at the Orange County Building, to which neighbors will again be invited.  The final meeting for approval will be February 20, after which we can begin pulling permits.  Continue to pray for the Lord's work. 

Monday - Martin Luther King Day
Tuesday - Bible Class at Inspired Living at 11 am
Tuesday - Matthew Bible Class at 7 pm
Wednesday - CAP at 5 pm
Wednesday - Deuteronomy Bible Class at 6 pm


Click here for a link to the Augsburg Confession as discussed in Bible Study class on Sunday October 8th.