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Reformation 500

Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of when Martin Luther Nailed the 95 Theses to the church door. Upcoming this October 31st!

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Crown Of Glory Lutheran Church

(October 22nd through October 28th)

What is God like? He is loving and gracious, pouring out blessing after blessing on his people.  He is patient, sending prophet after prophet and waiting year after year for his people to return the fruits of repentance and faith.   But the time of grace for every person is limited.  This Sunday the Church prays that God would make us ready, with cheerful hearts, to do whatever pleases him. You're invited to hear the Word this Sunday!

Isaiah 5:1-7                  God poured out love on his vineyard, but there was no fruit. 
Philippians 3:10-21     Believers in Jesus are always growing and producing fruit.
Matthew 21:33-43       God graciously and patiently waits for fruit in his believers. 

Sunday School students will hear about "The Passover Lamb."  The blood of Christ, our Passover Lamb, purifies us from all sin.  In Catechism we'll talk about "Why We Can Be Sure the Bible is True."  Adults will talk about "Vocation." No matter where you live or what you do for a living, your main calling from God is to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  You'r invited!

Ushers - Tyler Berthoff, Earl Noffsinger
Holy Communion - Blair Schlender
Greeters - Sandy Bates, Emma Berthoff
Clean - Lois Roper

Sunday - Worship at Inspired Living at 1:30 pm
Tuesday - Bible Class at Inspired Living at 11 am.
Tuesday - "Matthew" Class at 7 pm.
Wednesday - CAP at 5 pm
Wednesday - "Deuteronomy" Class at 6 pm
Saturday - "Reformation Revival" at Risen Savior at 2 pm

Click here for a link to the Augsburg Confession as discussed in Bible Study class on Sunday October 8th.


Check out last week's sermon here or on our YouTube channel.