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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Snyod

Crown of Glory Orlando is part of the WELS. Click here to learn more about the WELS beliefs and teachings.

Upcoming Activities

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Crown of Glory Building Project

COG is planning on building a brand new facility on property for an early childcare center. Click here to see the details!

Play & Learn Classes

Classes begin September 5th at 10am. Class size is limited so click here to register now!

Crown Of Glory Lutheran Church

Sunday Worship Service at 9:30 am
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Family Bible Hour at 11:00am each Sunday

Matthew Bible Study each Monday at 6pm

(January 27th, 2019 to February 2nd, 2019)

Thanks to all serving this week!
Clean - Berthoff
Greet - Morris
Usher - Stilling & Seifert
Assist - Noffsinger

Scripture Lessons
Isaiah 61:1-6
Psalm 19
Acts 4:23-31
Luke 4:14-21

A Special Thank You to Pastor Mark Goeglein for leading our worship Sunday.

Pastoral Vacancy Crown of Glory is currently experiencing a pastoral vacancy. Pastor Jon Bitter, presently serving at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN has been called to serve as our new shepherd. Please keep Pastor Bitter and his family in your prayers asking the Lord to guide his decision for what is best for his kingdom. If you have any need of pastoral care, please contact Pastor David Rosenau from St Mark Lutheran Church in Leesburg who is serving as our vacancy pastor. He can be reached at 352-552-8132 or davidrosenau@gmail.com.

Congregational Meeting Sunday at 11 am ... Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. (1 Corinthians 12:27) Please stay and participate.

Captivating Bible Study for members, winter friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors alike. Please join us on Monday evenings at 6 pm to study the Gospel of Matthew with Pastor Rosenau. You can expect to be refreshed! You will not be asked to read and you will not be called on to answer any questions. You may come relaxed and be assured you will grow in your knowledge and understanding of your Savior's love for you as he strengthens your faith through his Word.

"We All Are One In Mission"

We all are one in mission; 
We all are one in call, 
Our varied gifts united 
By Christ, the Lord of all. 
A single, great commission 
Compels us from above 
To plan and work together 
That all may know Christ's love.

We all are called for service, 
To witness in God's name. 
Our ministries are diff'rent; 
Our purpose is the same: 
To touch the lives of others 
With God's surprising grace, 
So ev'ry folk and nation 
May feel God's warm embrace.

Now let us be united,
And let our song be heard; 
Now let us be a vessel 
For God's redeeming Word. 
We all are one in mission; 
We all are one in call, 
Our varied gifts united 
By Christ, the Lord of all.

A Special Thank You to Pastor Mark Goeglein for leading our worship today, January 20th, 2019.