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Carolyn Seifert  

To Depart In Peace  

Sermon 1.31.16 from Crown of Glory Orlando


"ALZHEIMER'S - A Time for Extraordinary Love"                       Chairman Installation 2016 from Crown of Glory Orlando                           

Sunday Worship  9:30 AM
Family Bible Study 11:00 AM


This week's Gospel is a good one to bookmark in your Bible. It was Jesus' first sermon.   It was only eight words long.  But what a reaction it produced!  Some were amazed at his words about God's grace.  Others grabbed him and tried to kill him.  Why?  Find out this Sunday, and grow in your faith in your only Savior from sin and death!  

'IT'S ALZHEIMER'S - A TIME FOR EXTRAORDINARY LOVE" is the special topic for Bible Study on Sunday, January 31st.  Pastor Curtiss Seefeldt of the Lutheran Home Association will use a question and answer format to facilitate discussion on diagnosis, treatment options and spiritual and family care for all who are affected, including the caregivers.  Don't miss it!

PARSONAGE OPEN HOUSE is next Sunday, January 31, after Bible studies.  Enjoy snacks, fellowship, and viewing the parsonage owned by our congregation.  Many improvements have been made the last couple years.  Everyone's invited! 

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Adult Bible Class 11:00am
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